The DeKalb County Fire Department (DCFD) is a volunteer based department established in 1975. In the beginning, DCFD consisted of only five substations across mainly the rural communities of DeKalb County. Over the years with the growth of the department as well as the growth of the county population, the department has had the opportunities to add six more substations bringing the department to the total of eleven substations that are currently located in the Austin Bottom, Johnson Chapel, Midway, Cookeville Highway, Short Mountain, Belk, Keltonburg, Blue Springs, Liberty, and Temperance Hall communities with the Main Station being located in the King Ridge/New Home Road Area. DCFD serves a population of approximately 19,164 within a 329 square mile radius. DCFD is an active fire department with over 60 members that strive to be active in the community in which they serve.
DCFD strives to ensure every member of the department has the training needed to maintain standards of safety while serving the people of DeKalb County. Monthly trainings conducted on various topics throughout the year. Extrication technicians also have quarterly meetings to ensure their skills are up to date on current standards and also to ensure the extrication team will effectively work together when the situation arises for the extrication services to be needed. In addition to the members who are extrication technicians, we have members who are involved in the Center Hill Wildland Task Force that also have periodic trainings. Our department strives to be the best of the best and without our dedicated members as well as our dedicated trainings, we could not be the department that we are today.
DCFD is continuously accepting new members who are willing to serve the people of DeKalb County. DCFD currently operates four Class A pumpers, three pumper/tanker combinations, three mini-pumpers, one 3,000 gallon tanker, one rescue truck, one equipment truck, one brush truck, and one water vessel. Our members take great pride in the equipment furnished. DCFD has a current ISO rating of 6.
Extrication services has been provided to the people of DeKalb County since 1985 with Smithville Fire providing those services until 2007. In 2007, DCFD began providing extrication services for incidents occurring in the rural areas of the county. By receiving a non-matching grant, the department was able to purchase the needed extrication equipment to start providing extrication services and to help lighten the load for Smithville Fire. All extrication technicians are required to go through certification classes initially as well as recertification classes every two years in addition to the quarterly trainings. All certification classes are held with instructors through the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads.
The DCFD’s primary mission is to provide the most efficient and reliable fire protection service for all DeKalb County citizens on a non-discriminatory basis.
DCFD values the community to which it serves. Our firefighters are expected and encouraged to be activing the community in which they serve as well as attend monthly meetings and trainings.
DCFD officers will assist local, state and federal investigating agencies with fire incident investigations within our county.
DCFD strives to keep the community up to date regarding our department through the use of the website, brochures, as well as fire prevention education services provided to all local schools including private programs.