Applying for Membership to the DCFD


DCFD Firefighters/Individuals applying for membership in D.C.F.D. must:

  • Complete a Department Application for Membership for review by the station closest to residence and the Department’s Chief. (See exhibit 9)
  • Have attained the age of eighteen (18)
  • Hold a valid Tennessee Driver’s License.
  • Serve a probationary period of three (3) months to demonstrate willingness and ability to perform duties demanded of members. The Grievance and Disciplinary Board can extend the probationary period indefinitely. The firefighter may not run emergency traffic while on probationary period and may not go past the front line engine while on the scene of an emergency.
  • Agree to complete the 64-hour Basic Firefighting Course, or equivalent, as approved by the Grievance and Disciplinary Board within six months of membership.
  • Serve three (3) months probation after meeting Department’s training requirements.

DCFDProspective members will fill out an application and deliver it to the station commander in his/her area. The station will meet and poll its members on whether the applicant will be recommended to the Chief for membership approval.

Probationary members shall not operate Departmental Vehicles unless accompanied by a non-probationary member, except when authorized by the Chief or scene command.

Please look at the department S.O.G’s for further information about requirements on the Forms page.